The conventional farming is transforming the typical diverse landscape into a monoculture of stones, while sustainable farming should be the applicable law. The overall guidelines are often neglected, diverse landscapes aren’t reflecting any of the facts that are defined by law implemented by the Natural Park and UNESCO.

Typical signs from suffering land by depletion and erosion:
As we have understood by reading the Sierra Nevada’s master-plan, two main points became clear:

1. Providing scientific knowledge to safeguard geo- and biodiversity values ​​of the mountain. Hence there is need to strengthen its preservation and conservation; further knowledge and research is required in these areas.

2. Draw attention to this protected area continuing to be of use to the neighboring villages, as it has been for centuries, and not a sacred and immutable space. Land uses and economical activities should be conveniently defined and implemented, both traditional and new ones, but ALWAYS in a sustainable way.

Reforestation by fencing the land at Semilla Besada!

Trees are, for the earth the ultimate translators and moderators of incoming energy. At the crown of the forest and within its canopy the vast energy of sunlight, wind, precipitation are being modified for life and growth. Trees not only build but conserve the soils, shielding them from the impact of raindrops and the desiccation of wind and sun.

Bill Molisson

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