Meet the Animals

Our neighbour, Sarah from Caballo Blanco, provided us with five geese back in 2015.  They help to graze (six geese + one gander = grazing of one cow!), fertilise the land, provide eggs and meat!  They love their pond and in the summer heat it’s rare to see them out of it.

Although they don’t live on the water, they will only mate on water. The mating season is between February and April, depending on the weather. They can be aggressive when the females are laying and when the babies are young. This is quite frightening for newcomers but as long as you’re aware and give them space, you’ll be fine; you certainly can see why people keep them as guards to scare away any would-be burglars!

We have a lovely little group of chickens that are ever so good to us and kindly provide fresh eggs. It’s always wonderful to collect the eggs to use in our cooking and share with our community. From time to time, we do lose one to the fox or the genet but one of our dogs, Snoepi, sleeps near them overnight, which has helped reduce that.

This is Tino, short for ‘Valentino’. We got him as a tiny puppy on our 10th wedding anniversary, which is on Valentine’s Day, hence the name! Now, he is a big boy as he is a German shepherd and Belgian groenendaal mix. He is very big but he is also very well-behaved with people.

This is Snoepi. We don’t know what breed she is or anything about her history. She followed us around a car park until we couldn’t leave without her! She’s constantly desperate for belly tickles and loves humans, especially Bastian. She can be a little bit uncomfortable around other dogs so if you’re looking to visit with a dog, let us know and we can work things out together.

We also have a whole bunny colony. We can’t tell you how many we have as they often hide when we try to count them and they realise we are there! The reason behind keeping the rabbits is for meat. The land feeds them and they, in turn, feed us. Their enclosure is very tall and also, more importantly, very deep. This means that the animals can act the way they would in the wild and live their best lives.

Last but not least,

we have five lovely pusscats. We don’t have five photos though as they have the run of the whole mountain and are rarely all home!

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