Due to the impact of the Spanish lock-down, all our courses will now be running in 2021.

Please contact us to register your interest to be the first to secure your place.

Introduction to Permaculture

See and feel an already established food-forest, where cooperation, not competition is the very basis of existing life systems. Learn different compost techniques and water catchment features. Enjoy an educative weekend in the mountains at 1350m above sea level.

Permaculture Design Course

The course is spread out over 15 days with 72 hours of vital information on how to restore abundance in our world. This time allows students to digest the material, get hands-on experience and work thoroughly on the final design project and presentation. The course will be certified through the permaculture association UK.

Syntropic foodforestry course

The Syntropic foodforestry, was developed by Ernst Götsch. The planting is done synchronously with agricultural (vegetables & fruit) and forest species. This planting system is inspired by the way forests develop.