semilla besada permaculture

Welcome to Semilla Besada and your permaculture journey

Learn permaculture, experience permaculture

What We Do

Learn permaculture techniques to take back home to implement there and nourish your life.


Come and enjoy some exclusive days at the farm. Reconnect with nature in a regenerating landscape.

Enjoy and contribute

Experience living and working in an off grid, permaculture community.


Permaculture Community Core Team

Why You’ll Love Us

“Permaculture is a design science. It is a system that supplies all the needs of humanity, all the basic needs and all the intricate needs in a way that also benefits all the elements in nature.”

– Geoff Lawton

our mission

Educate, inform and empower people into action through permaculture design. Our responsibility is preparing future generations for a healthier lifestyle by growing and preparing your own food. Thereby regenerating ecosystem processes, soils and landscapes

  • Delicious
  • Ethical
  • Regenerative
  • All year round

“Love this place”

Always fun times with wonderful people. Pizzas are amazing! And use Semilla Besada’s own organically homegrown produce.


“Great place”

Great place to enjoy good food, beautiful nature and learn all about permaculture.


“I’m impressed”

Great and hospitable people who follow nature. They created a wonderful garden high in the bare hills. I’m impressed by the wonderful views and by what they do.