The conventional farming is transforming the typical diverse landscape into a monoculture of stones, while sustainable farming should be the applicable law. The overall guidelines are often neglected, diverse landscapes aren’t reflecting any of the facts that are defined by law implemented by the Natural Park and UNESCO. Typical signs from suffering land by depletion andContinue reading “Reforestation”

Swales and Water Harvesting Systems

Harvesting water was once a worldwide technology, but was replaced by tubes, drip-lines, canals, sprinklers; an inefficient and wasteful strategy that results in running dry. The local and global world water situation is becoming urgent. As humans in first world nations our consumption of natural resources is generating sufficient pollution and depletion, to damage and impair the healthyContinue reading “Swales and Water Harvesting Systems”


Following on from our renovations post last week, we wanted to talk to you this time about some future building plans. Passive house building techniques are an important part of the ongoing efforts to solve the energy crisis. Conventional buildings consume more energy than any other sector, accounting for approximately 75% of energy produced and nearlyContinue reading “Eco-building”


Thanks to the high altitude Sierra Nevada held southern Quaternary glaciers in Europe, as well as it happened during the little ice age. The Arabs implemented the acequia system canals, one of the first devices for artificial recharge of aquifers. A network of irrigation channels distributes water across the agricultural terraces and southern slopes. This redistribution and management of waterContinue reading “Irrigation”